Dinh relieves school stress

Madison McKenzie, Staff writer

The school year can be stressful for many, and sophomore Lily Dinh expresses how she relaxes during the summer.

“This year I am going to California to see my cousins and my grandma,” Dinh said. She explains that while next year will be a challenge, she is excited for summer vacation. During the summer she hopes to keep active and moving while visiting family and friends.

“I often find just relaxing is something I do to relieve stress from the school year. My friends will ask me where I was, thinking I fell off the earth, but all the while I was having the time of my life,” Dinh said. She is happy about her plans for the summer, but her favorite memory was learning about her family’s background.

“One time I went to my parent’s hometown in Vietnam and everything was so pretty there, and I really enjoyed the food. It was a really good experience,” she said. As a junior next year, Dinh will be taking advanced classes and will enjoy the summer while she can because she knows how stressful the next school year will be.

“I am taking AP U.S. history and AP Chemistry, and those two classes alone are going to eat at my schedule, not to mention English Honors with Ingeman. I hear she expects a lot from her students, which is understandable seeing as it is an honors class,” Dinh said. She gave advice on how she handles the summer and how she hopes others can do the same.

“Enjoy the small moments. Sure, I sit in my room and go on social media, but it is the small moments like those that make me remember what summer is, and that is relaxing.”