Spanish teacher shares plans for the summer heat

Gloria Baldevia, Staff writer

As the temperature is about to hit its highest level for the year, several teachers are all geared up and ready to go spend their days away from all-day standing and speaking and their busy classrooms.  One of these teachers is Spanish teacher Tammy Petzold, who shared her plans for the summer.

“I will travel to Michigan to see my husband’s family and travel to Denver to visit my family,” Petzold said.  “[There are also] lots of camping and some gardening.”

Petzold also shared how she would allot a just amount of her time in summer to finish a class that she is taking.

“I am going to finish my last 10 credits for my post graduate class, but that’s online class so it’ll be fine,” she said.

According to Petzold, who recently came back teaching Spanish after teaching English for seven years, her year has been filled with excitement and creating new lesson plans and presentations.

“I was happy to be back in Spanish,” Petzold said. “I was really unorganized just because there was a lot of new [things]. I am creating a lot of [google slides], but it’s not stressful.”

For the next school year, the Spanish department would be left with only one teacher after the retirement of Rhonda Moore.  Taking on the responsibility of the department, Petzold addressed that she will handle the classes that Moore originally had, including Spanish 7-8, 5-6, and 3-4.

As a preparation, the mother of two also included in her summer plans attending a conference called Teaching Proficiency through Reading and Storytelling, where teachers develop their classroom skills through the use of telling stories to students.

“It’ll help me manage that better,” Petzold said. “I’m using the stories and it’s just a conference for that in June. So I’m excited for that.”

Petzold, who admits that she preferred teaching Spanish, also said that she is looking forward to teaching Spanish until she retires and what she looks forward to the most next school year.

“I am so excited to have my students back again excited to have the kids again because I know exactly where they are.”