Summer: A relaxing time for all

Holly Spragg, Online Editor

Summer is a time for not only students to enjoy the lack of homework and pressure that builds up throughout the school year, but also teachers.  CMR science teacher Christine Sundly has a few things she is looking forward to during the summer.

“We do have a week – long houseboat trip to Lake Powell,” Sundly said about some plans over the summer.  She mentioned that because of her upbringing, she will not be escaping to the giant mountains of Montana, but something a little bit shorter.

“Since I grew up in Wisconsin, we are pretty much flat-landers,” she said.  She spoke about walking in wheat fields that would go up to her knees and having fun on the little farm her family owned.  

“It is more like rivers and lakes rather than mountains,” Sundly said. “We go fishing and kayaking rather than hiking.”

Summer is a time to take a break from the constant, everyday life, and Sundly said she will be utilizing the three months off.

“It’s getting away from the bells ringing and eating lunch in a half an hour,” she said.  She mentioned that there was time to relax and no time schedule to uphold.  Sundly also spoke about the break from her students.

“It is always nice to get away from students, just like it is always nice to get away from teachers,” she said.  Even though having time off is always nice, Sundly said that vacation isn’t the only thing that keeps her going.

“I love my job so I can’t say I want to get away from everyone,” she said.  She mentioned that it is nice to start fresh at the end of August with new ideas and students.

Sundly said that she will be teaching a new class for the first time in a while.

“I am teaching earth and space,” she said. “I haven’t taught that in at least 17 years.”  She said that she is excited to teach freshmen again and that she is happy to teach geology again.