Junior Jordan Ketcham involved in FFA, Graduation Matters

Kaylebb Stahmer and Shana Fronsee

Living in Montana, there are a lot of outdoor recreational activities to do. Jordan Ketcham hunts with her dad and has been involved in FFA, or Future Farmers of America, for three years. 

Part of what Ketcham says she does in FFA is traveling for competitions. In FFA, her primary focus is on the animals. Her most recent competition was in Bozeman, with 10 or so other students.

“We’ve been to Bozeman to the College Student Competition for John Deere Ag Expo,” she said. “We had about 11 people go with the teacher, and so we did pretty well.”

Another club she says she participates in at CMR is Graduation Matters, a club focused primarily on helping students graduate and go to college. 

“We have a meeting every Tuesday after school until about 4, and we help people,” Ketcham said. “We also help on Saturdays at Saturday school to help get their grades up and help them with whatever they need with any subject that they’re in.”

Ketcham got introduced into the club by a friend who has been in it for a few years before she got invited.