CMR Freshmen share their high school experience so far

This was written by a student in the Introduction to Journalism class


Photo by Regan Bishop

Kaylie Carr, Introduction to Journalism Writer

For many people, high school is a very different experience, and that is just what three brand new Rustlers, including freshman Cadee Carroll, are figuring out.

“I have good teachers,” Carroll said.

Carroll mentioned she lucked out by getting her great teachers, which made it a lot easier to adjust to the hard work of high school. Carroll said she finds the adjustment from middle school to high school much easier than she expected. She says she expected it to be very fast moving, hard work, and to be given much more freedom, which is just what she got.

Carroll and many of the new freshmen are all finding their way through a brand new school, and they’re trying to figure out how to balance everything new at CMR and everything they are getting involved in. They are finding ways to get used to the new environment by turning to older siblings or friends to ease the nerves.

“I have siblings here already,” Carroll said.

Unlike many students, Carroll came into CMR barely nervous. The new school didn’t scare her because she had a brother graduate already, and her other brother is a sophomore. Along with having siblings here to help, she also has her mom, who works in the main office, which is very helpful for an incoming freshman.

Just like Carroll, freshman Lane Mitchell came into CMR with very few nerves.

Mitchell entered CMR with three older sisters and upperclassman friends who helped ease the nerves of coming into a new school.

“It’s been treating me alright. I’ve been having a good time for the most part,” Mitchell said.

High school has been pretty easy and fun for Mitchell, but his expectations were far from what he would get. Mitchell said he expected high school to be a lot more like the movies.

 He said it is much different because high school is more fun than middle school in his opinion. He spoke about the opportunities that are offered and the freedom students are given that make high school such a place.

But unlike Carroll and Mitchell, some kids come into high school with nerves and very different expectations. For Adrianna Ouellete, that’s just how it was.

“I was super nervous about going into high school,” Ouellete said.

After a few weeks of attending CMR, Ouellete said she is finally getting the hang of things and adapting to the new environment. She enjoys most of her classes, and she enjoys her teachers a lot. She’s also enjoying getting involved with clubs like HOSA, which she finds very fun.