Students Find Art Inspiration From Heritage


Photo by Zoey Schug

Gloria Baldevia, Features/Entertainment Editor

For art students, defining one style is essential to truly create a piece of art. Senior Lydia Brown shares how she discovered her style through her culture.

As a Native American, she recently discovered beading, a Native American art that connects small pieces of jewelry to create patterns and shapes. 

“I do find drawing and beading [interesting],” she said. “It takes a lot of concentration, but it’s pretty fun.”

 Brown spends most of her time in the art room, having four different classes with Teacher Tess Jacobs, including studio and painting. The senior admitted that she discovers her style and just goes with it to try and improve it.

 According to Brown, when she sees a form of art that interests her, she usually asks for help from people who know about it such as her sisters or her advisors. In a year, the number of artworks she can produce generally depends on her pace.

“Sometimes it’s faster than usual, sometimes it’s slower. It just depends on the day.” 

She said that In the future, she wants to pursue higher education majoring in arts.