Profile: CMR administrative assistant gives insight on her profession

Ava Donahue, Staff Writer

Running a school is not an easy job. A whole community depends on you to keep it afloat, and administrative assistant Becky Anderson does just that. Anderson does a little bit of everything around CMR, including managing the school’s budget and filling in for clerical staff.

“I take care of all the purchasing for the building, I manage the building budget, I work closely with all of the administrators and with the clerical staff, I deal with the payroll. I kind of have to be a catch-all for everything,” Anderson said. “I have to be able to work all the different jobs out in the main office and then all of the advisement office clerical positions. I kind of have to know all of them and be able to do a little bit of each of them if they’re out. I do a lot of stuff, just random things that just kind of keep the school running — behind-the-scenes stuff.”

Before Anderson was an administrative assistant, she was a cheer coach here at CMR. She ended up really enjoying the CMR community.

“I actually started as a coach in the building. I really liked CMR, and I started in scheduling. I had done a job similar to that at MSU, so just kind of comparable skills and here I am, 12 years later.”

Anderson’s job is a difficult one, so having a staff that is ready to aid her whenever possible is one of Anderson’s motives for doing the best she can in her job. 

“The clerical staff that I work with is really fun to work with. They make my job go well and they help me a lot, and that helps keep me motivated,” she said.

Still, being able to leave her job at work and spend time with her husband, who is a teacher at CMR, and her 11-year-old son is one of the nicest parts of Anderson’s job. 

“The nice thing about my job is that it is very much the hours of my job. I can’t really do my job outside of work, so I’m very good at leaving my job at work, and that helps a lot. At the end of the day, I’m done and I can go home, be with my family, and take care of the stuff at my house and not have to worry about work,” Anderson said. “That is very helpful, that it’s not a job that I have to take home and finish. I can just be done when it’s the end of the day, and I can walk away, so that helps a lot with stress.”