Adonai Gray has been on the path to a STEM career from the start


Izzi Rukavina, Russellog Staff

One of the hardest things about this year was the distance. So for Adonai Gray, the fact that he got to come to school this year and see his friends everyday was something he really appreciated. During his time at CMR, the STEM classes were his favorite. 

“I took Earth and Space Science, honors and AP chem, AP bio, honors physics, and Intro to Engineering. I also took honors algebra, honors geometry, honors trig, and AP calc,” Gray said.  He would like to thank all the teachers he had over his four years. There were three in particular who had a huge impact on him. 

“Hibbert was a great kind of friend that I still talk to when I see him. I’ve known Mr. Olson for four years and we’ve grown quite a strong bond. Madame Davis knows that life isn’t just about work, so she understands if you don’t get something done on time,” he said.

Gray is planning on finding a job over the summer and going to school at Boston University to major in mechanical engineering. 

“I am looking forward to learning different things that interest me and making friends with the same interests.”