Rustles describe their experiences playing golf

This was written by a student in the Introduction to Journalism class


Photo by Nancy Beston

Victoria Geiger, Introduction to Journalism Writer

CMR freshman Kendra Thayer extended her skill of golf and ended up achieving more than she thought. Thayer succeeded and is now a varsity golf player. 

“My season was a good way to start high school because you get to meet upperclassmen and other people from different high schools,” she said. 

Thayer says that golf season was fun even though it may be boring to watch she had a blast overall. The most fun a player will have with golf is either the bus rides or practicing with teammates. 

“The most important thing to know about golf is that you need to have good communication as well as the knowledge of building friendships,” she said. 

She says that there is barely any pressure in golf other than working on one’s form and being able to control the ball. 

“When I shot a 94 it brought so much joy but I will always remember that,” she said.

 She says in golf it’s better to score a lower number because then more college people pay attention and it benefits you better in the end. When playing golf, players can only have 14 clubs and if they are caught with more during a game the player automatically disqualified.  

“My favorite thing about golf was the bus rides there and back,” she said. 

Coach Brian Halverson really isn’t strict on the girls but he definitely pushes the girls and guys to do better, Thayer said. Thayer says that her coach made it a better experience as well as made the girls laugh a lot, and the dinners were always a fun time.

Three high scholars took the same interest in golf their freshman year and plan to do it throughout high school. 

Kendra Thayer isn’t the only freshman varsity golfer. Kylie Henderson is right behind her.

“I played nine tournaments and we lost all of them but my team put a lot of effort into it,” she said. 

Henderson a freshman played on the varsity team and varsity traveling for most of their tournaments. She said that golf is very hard to practice, but she golfed almost every day and worked on her hitting, accuracy and putting.

 “My inspiration was my dad. He pushes me to do things I never thought of doing,” she said.  

Now that Henderson got into golf she plans to do it all through high school and she soon hopes to be one of the best varsity players. 

On the other hand Hailey Thompson was one of the best players for the JV team and had similar goals as Henderson. 

“My favorite moment is when Bella got hit in the head by Alex Madsen,” she said.  

Thompson Is a freshman and plays on the JV golf team, and her best friend Henderson, pushed her to do golf and now she loves it.

In the next three year she hopes to make varsity and she is working herself there the golf team practices two to three hours a day doing nine hole and the driving range.

She says that it’s very hard to win golf because they have one of the smallest varsity teams and the scores confuse most of them because you shoot for a lower score. 

Thompson was inspired by her friend to join golf, but Kendra Thayer was pushed by her brother Alex. 

“My inspiration was my brother because he played freshman, sophomore and junior year,” she said.

Thayer says that her brother talked to her about doing it because it was one of his favorite things to do in high school. She listened and soon after that she was traveling out of town playing for her varsity golf team. She says that she is glad she did golf and soon hopes more people join.         

“I chose golf because I been golfing since I was little because I lived by a golf course,” she said. 

While Thayer was in middle school, she realized she wanted to pursue golf in high school and she soon that summer practiced everyday by playing 9 holes. Her favorite golf tournament was crosstown because the guys beat Great Falls High even though the girls didn’t win.