CMR sophomore reflects on COVID’s impact on cheer

Isabel Foley, Staff Writer

Teams can become a second family for many high school students, and there is one Rustler for whom that sentiment rings especially true.

“My favorite part about cheerleading is the family-like atmosphere. We help each other out and we are always there for each other cheer-related or not,” said Cadence Miller, a sophomore who has been cheerleading since her freshman year. Miller said that, like it did everything else, COVID-19 had an effect on cheer. 

“Covid has made it hard for us to cheer. We have to wear masks when we stunt and then use hand sanitizer. We were only allowed six girls at each game, but now we can have 12,” she said, adding that even during the pandemic they are working as hard as ever. 

“Most days we have morning practices,” she said. They get to the school before 5 am then  warm up with stair sets or running laps. Then they either work on stunts or cheers/dances. Right now they are working on their half time routine, Miller said, adding that she intends to continue to cheer and make varsity. She said that she has a lot to still work on. Miller said that her mother and sister were both cheerleaders which led her to join cheer herself. Above all she enjoys the family-like elements. 

“We work and help each other out with anything we need. It is a great, happy, and healthy family.”