Dennis Morris ready to lead Rustlers back to the top of Montana high school football

David Mitchell, Staff Writer

What happened due to the outbreak of COVID-19. Despite this, as he looks towards the future, he hopes to establish a winning culture for CMR’s football team once again. 

After graduating from CMR, Morris went on to become an NAIA All American at Dickinson State University. After college, he coached at various high schools, including coaching at the highest level of football in Georgia, 6A. Morris will lean on his experience of coaching in the South in order to bring energy and discipline into the Rustler football program.

“Football in the South is real. It’s almost a religion… that powers entire communities.  Coaching in the South has definitely changed me as a football coach,” Morris said. “It has taught me how to prepare day after day, week after week, for what needs to be done to compete with some of the best players, coaches, and teams in the nation.”

In order to ensure success for the Rustlers, coach Morris will completely overhaul the current offseason program. Despite the current  Players will be expected to give everything they have during workouts, practice, and film study in order to build the discipline needed to dominate their opponents on Friday nights.

“When talented kids learn how to play with maximum effort and excitement, our guys will Bring the Juice on Friday nights and we will win football games,” Morris said. 

Morris will also look to revisit some traditional Rustler values that he learned while playing under the legendary CMR coach Jack Johnson: “We were coached to out work and were better prepared than any team we played.  Most importantly, we were taught to be men of character and knew that we represented and played for the name on the FRONT of our jersey and not the back.”

On the more technical side of things, fans can expect to see a much more exciting offense next year. The spread will be utilized much more often, and when each player does their part, it will be something beautiful to behold. A football renaissance is coming to CMR.