Coronavirus delays Rustler sports

Auri Rivera, Staff Writer

If there was one thing we could agree on is that this whole year has been wacky and weird. It started with a horrible virus causing us to wear these “wonderful” masks everyday. This has been a strange year at C. M. Russell High School.

The winter sports are not beginning when they should be. Basketball is starting in January. Students and staff have been working together to try and keep the school open as long as possible, but everything going on in the world and in our school, no one has any idea what to do.

Winter sports are some students’ outlet, because they help people stay fit and get through tough times. But this year, swimming, basketball and wrestling will not be on the competition agenda until after Christmas break. Everything going on inside and out of school has been incredibly different than the past, and it has been hard for people to adjust.

We all need to help things get better and everything and everyone needs to be safe. I hate to say it, but the only way to make things go back to normal is wearing the masks. As much as some of us don’t want anything to do with these masks, perhaps the idea of having to do online school will keep us motivated to wear the simple piece of cloth. 

In my experience, I don’t do well online. It’s difficult. So now we all have to stay focused on doing the right thing to be safe and healthy, but we also have a goal to keep all of our schools open.