Teacher expresses her love of language

Tammy Petzold has taught at CMR for 11 and a half years, but not all of that has been as an English teacher.


“For the first six years I taught Spanish here. The last five and a half I have been teaching English,” she said.


An example of Petzold’s devotion to her job is that she has only ever taught at CMR. Even her student teaching was done at the school.


“My personality just fits with teaching. I am a natural teacher,” she said.


Right now she is teaching about fictional dystopian societies and her students are reading “Anthem” by Ayn Rand.


“I think that this topic really keeps the students interested in what they are learning and that’s what makes it so interesting,” she said.


She also enjoys teaching Shakespearean comedies — her favorite thing to teach.


“Don’t get me wrong. I love the tragedies, but overall the comedies are more interesting,” Petzold said.
After spending years in the English department, Petzold said that eventually she plans on returning to her original job of teaching world language in a Spanish classroom.