Math teacher remembers students in a unique way

JJ Slater , staff writer

Room 302’s walls are covered in clippings of old CMR posters from as early as 2007. The first things you see as you step into room 302 are the colorful posters — 100 or more — scattered everywhere.

Math teacher Brad Packer collects and pastes the posters on the walls of his classroom because it makes students aware that they are not the first state qualifier, the first senior, the first successful sport player or student.

Spending time in room 302 allows students to take a walk through time.

The walls contain posters for each sport, speech and debate, and FFA. Each poster that has been distributed since 2007 is plastered in its place, giving the old red brick color.

“Students are part of a Rustler family since 1965,” Packer said.