Snow brings simple sports

Some people see winter as the worst time of year because it is so cold, and freshman Cooper Lott is no exception.

“I hate the cold, snow, rain, wind, and storms,” he said.

But even though the weather bothers him, Lott said that he finds one helpful way to get over his annoyance.

“I like to shovel people’s driveways for them. I just really like to see how happy they are or just know they will be happy if I don’t get to see them,” he said.

In the below freezing temperatures, sweat can still build up as students actively enjoy the snow. After recently moving to Montana, junior Briana Easton decided to see if she could make her own snow.

“I went outside after I boiled some water [and threw it into the air],” she said.

Easton said that the results were not exactly as she had expected, but still very amazing. When the snow fell from the previous boiling drops of water, she “ran away cause [she] thought it would burn [her].”

Along with making snow, Easton said she enjoys snowmen, snow angels, and snowball fights. Senior Bridger Scholten also has had a fun experience playing in the snow.

“One time I made a snowball that was bigger than I was,” he said.

In sixth grade, Scholten said the snowball was almost five feet tall. He said that he and the other kids quickly figured out what to do with such a fantastic creation.

“We rolled it down a hill and started playing human bowling with it.”

In the end, whether one hates the snow or not, at least three people have experienced active fun while the temperatures dropped.