The Game to Decide it all


Walking into the stadium, the crowd is roaring, the cheerleaders are yelling, the pep band is playing. This is state basketball, and when it comes to experiences junior Dakota Adams knows a thing or two about how state tournaments can be.

Adams, who went to the tournament last year in Billings with the varsity cheerleading squad, which consisted of 14 girls and three coaches, said the best part was how close you can get as a team. With sharing rooms and being together for hours on end it is no surprise there starts to be inside jokes and stronger friendships throughout the team.

When it comes to state this year, Adams said that she is excited for the first game.

“The first game will be the most exciting; it could be a really good game,” she said.

Adams’ classmate, junior Noah Durnell, said the main point is to be positive and set a good example.

“Just have fun,” Durnell said. “Don’t be idiots and drink.”

Durnell, who is not attending due to conflicting schedules, said that he wanted to play in pep band for state but cannot this year.

One who will be attending the games is senior Anthony Kern, a diehard fan who has been to every game so far.

He hopes that the girls team will find a way to win, but he is not sure of it.

“I don’t think they’re confident enough to win. If I was them I’d play as a team and see what happens,” he said.

Kern sees Butte as a heavy favorite in the tournament. Despite his lack of confidence, he does have some advice.

“Play hard, don’t foul out and win some games.”