Charger player starts off the year

Sophomore Peyton Mitchell is in the midst of his second year as an American Legion baseball player. As a pitcher and second baseman, he has a lot of work to do early in the season.
“This time of year is all about building arm strength and getting comfortable taking ground balls,” he said.
Last year his team went on to win their conference, and he said he hopes to do the same this season.
“I think we have a good team. There are not very many players returning, but the young guys that came out this year know how to play,” Mitchell said.
The team recently hired a new, but familiar, coach named Levi Johnson.
“Coach J is a good coach. He was here the year before I started playing, and I have heard really good things about him. He is really serious, and he wants to win. If anyone can get a program into shape, it’s him. We started this past weekend, and we aren’t going to give up anytime soon. Watch out for us.”