Megan Carroll expresses pride in her team

A lot of people just swim for fun, but for Megan Carroll that’s not the case. She has been swimming for a while. “Since I was 10,” she said.

Carroll first found out about swimming when she received a note encouraging people to join the Fast Swim team. She joined the team and six years later she is still swimming, Carroll said.

“The social part” is the main reason she swims, she said.  

Meeting new friends is one of the best parts of being a part of the team for her. She joined because she felt that it was her strongest sport and thought that she could make varsity, Carroll said.

Each swimmer has their favorite stroke. “Butterfly [is my favorite] because I’m good at it,” Carroll said. However, the 50 breast and 200 freestyle are her two least favorite strokes.

Carroll is a member of the CMR swim team. As a sophomore, she experienced her second year of varsity this past winter.

Coach McNamee plays a very key role in keeping Carroll motivated about swimming. He encourages his swimmers, even if they lose.

“I don’t know how [he motivates so well] but he just does,” Carroll said

Great Falls High School and CMR practicing together is a big benefit because it allows her to make more friends, she said. Overall, she is very proud to be a part of the team. A big part of that is the slogan “Four Teams One Family”.

“It means we’re a family, we’ll never give up on each other.”