Senior is ecstatic for upcoming basketball season


Gabby Pope, Staff Writer

Basketball season is just around the corner and players are preparing by starting workouts and open gyms.


A new addition to CMR, senior Daniel Silverstein, is taking advantage of open gyms and workouts to excel during the actual season.


“The competition is intense. There’s a lot of good players, and you have to practice hard to stand out,” Silverstein said. Competition in sports is healthy, beneficial even, he said.


Silverstein is confident in the team’s ability and is predicting it will be a good season. “I don’t really have too many concerns this year. I think we will do great,” he said.


There is five players that are friends on and off the court. They call themselves the Fab 5. Xavier Pace, Sam Vining, Reece Green, Garrison Rothwell are the other four boys.


“Us five play really well together but we couldn’t do it without all the other boys on the team, they play a really big role in it too,” Silverstein said.


Silverstein’s goal for his last year in high school is to play to the best of his ability because he knows it will guarantee success.


“Judging by how the open gyms have been going, I think this year will grant me a lot more freedom to just enjoy basketball and playing the game I love.”