Brady shoots for the goal

Holly Spragg and Holly Spragg

Some people have a certain talent that they have had since their childhood that will continue through their life.

For sophomore Aine Brady, that talent happens to be soccer.

“I’ve been playing off and on since I was five,” Brady said about the sport that would soon be her favorite thing to do.

Brady said that her brothers first started playing it, and she just joined in when she could.

After all those years of mini bolts, she now plays defense and is a captain for the JV girls soccer team.

Brady said that she gets along with the other captains and that the pasta parties are always fun. Even though the family relationship in the team is strong, there will always be little struggles.

“I mean we are girls so there is drama, but we always come through,” she said about how the team comes together.

Brady hurt her knee and as a result was out for two weeks.  She said that it was a personal struggle because she felt she was letting her team down.

Brady said that her dad is the main reason that she is where she is now.

“I love everything about it.”