Caden Bicsak pursues passion for music


Photo courtesy of Caden Bicsak

David Miller, Staff Writer

If senior Caden Bicsak could describe his high school career in one word, it would be “epic.” His fondest memories as a high school student are centered heavily around the choir, band, and drama departments.


“The entire performing arts department is just such a good outlet, and it’s a great way to de-stress and it’s a very fun time, “ Bicsak said.


To further pursue his passion for performing arts, Bicsak will be attending Montana State University in Bozeman for music. He said he chose to attend MSU because he has many friends who are also attending the university. 


Bicsak’s advice to incoming freshmen is to get involved in school activities, especially in regards to the fine arts. He believes that, similar to him, students will enjoy their time and make fond memories.


“Find something you enjoy artistically and just de-stress in your life.” Bicsak said.