Senior Aubrey Palmer leaps into a lifetime of learning


Ben Bailey, Russellog Staff

Two of the most difficult things about this year have been the non-traditional schedule and procedures. For Aubrey Palmer, these changes have not been a problem. Throughout this year and during her high school career she has taken many advanced placement and honors program opportunities. 

 “I have really enjoyed  AP Biology, AP U.S. History, AP Government, AP Economics, and many more programs through CMR,” Palmer said. 

She thinks that these programs have made her high school experience something to remember. She would like to thank all of her teachers as they have made valuable impressions.

    “Mr. Allen and Mr. Halverson have made class enjoyable and have helped push me to learn the most that I can,” she said. 

      She added that having a bond with a teacher improves your high school experience. 

Palmer plans to attend college in Arizona where she will major in secondary education. She added that she plans on teaching at the high school level and teaching AP and Honors classes. 

“I am grateful for my high school experience at CMR, friends I’ve made, and the opportunities I’ve had.”