Tanner to study computer science at MSU


Photo courtesy of Jacob Tanner.

Justin Bollich, Staff Writer

Jacob Tanner is a senior involved in cross country, honors classes and the cyberpatriots club. He was the 8th runner on the cross country team.


“I was the alternate for varsity,” Tanner said.


He also said that he enjoys cross country because it’s a good way to make friends.


“The people are amazing, I made tons of friends. We just vibe, have pasta parties, and just have a good time,” Tanner said.


He also took several honors and AP classes, including honors chemistry, honors senior English, AP chemistry, honors statistics, and AP calculus. He enjoys making friends in his advanced classes


“They seem more serious about school,” he said.


Jacob also participated in Cyberpatriots club, where he competed to secure computers.


“[We do that by] closing ports, deleting software that shouldn’t be there, [and] updating stuff. We also set up a firewall and password policy to make sure the users are authorized,” Tanner said, “I like computers, so that was fun.”


He currently has no plans for what to do a career after school, but he plans to attend MSU for a degree in computer science


“It’s close and a few of my friends are going there,” he said.