Nichole Hurley to study criminal justice


Photo courtesy of Nichole Hurley.

Isabel Foley, Staff Writer

Nichole Hurley has attended CMR since her freshman year and plans to study criminal justice.

“I’m planning on going to college and majoring in criminal justice,” Hurley said. 

She has been involved in volleyball, Graduation Matters, and orchestra. All of these have had a significant impact on her high school life. Hurley said volleyball got her involved with fellow athletes, and Graduation Matters put her in a position to meet new people.

“Graduation Matters introduced me to people that I didn’t even know went to the school,” she said. Her favorite experiences at CMR were football games and extracurricular activities. Hurley said that her advice to incoming freshmen is to get involved and participate in student life. 

“I know we always say get involved, but it’s definitely so important to get involved with the school.”