Junior has a Unique Interest in Stagecraft

Junior Micael Lynn has a keen interest in stagecraft. Lynn has been in the stagecraft class for two years, but his passion for constructing performing arts stages was largely influenced by his previous interests in construction and woodworking.

“I started off interested in Intro to Woods, and I’ve always liked working with my hands and building stuff ,”  Lynn said.  

Stagecraft provided an opportunity for Lynn to combine his interests in both acting and building.

“Being an actor I noticed people on stage building stuff, and I wondered what that was like. I talked to Mr. Evans, and the year after I was in stagecraft,” Lynn said.

Constructing stages gives Lynn a unique perspective on play performances. Being in stagecraft makes it possible for Lynn to experience the stage in a completely new way.  

“It brings me, as an actor, to build the sets I’m on, and to see other people building it with me. It’s interesting to go from the process of building it and then watching other people use it,” said Lynn.

Because other players must use the set, constructing stages requires the builder to take into consideration others’ preferences, says Lynn.

“You have to be comfortable with your own work, and have others be comfortable with it,” said Lynn.

Having traveled the world, Lynn has visited many countries, including Italy, Germany, and Egypt, where he developed a broad perspective in regard to the quality of stages. Lynn has strong familial roots in Italy, where he visits his Italian-born mother frequently.  

In northern Italy, one stage in particular caught Lynn’s attention. Building up his skills in stagecraft here in the United States, Lynn said he plans to restore the run-down Italian stage to its former glory.