The Bagel Biting Queen: Senior Jordyn Voss gushes about her one true love

Bagels aren’t for everyone. It takes a very specific person to really love the flavor, consistency, and the thickness of a good bagel. But senior Jordyn Voss cannot get enough of those healthy doughnuts.


“I just really love bagels,” Voss exclaimed. “I love raw bagels, people usually overcook them, so I don’t like it when they’re toasted. I like them to be warm but never crunchy or burnt.”


Her hate for toasted bagels began when she was in elementary school and her mom would over toast them in their broken toaster. She explained that the toaster would completely burn the bagel if it wasn’t taken out at just the right time.


“She always burnt the crap out of them, and they tasted horrible,” Voss said. “As much as I hate to eat a burnt bagel I will try putting blueberry cream cheese on it to make it taste better.”


When asked what else she enjoyed on her bangles she said she cannot stand anything besides cream cheese or just the plain bagel itself.


“Bagel sandwiches are pretty good, with only cream cheese in the middle,” she said. “It’s just something about the sturdiness about the bread and the circular shape that really butters my egg roll.”