Music fills the air

Seniors Remington Frick and Taryn Molen have teamed up to form a musical partnership. Both seniors will perform a duet of the song and play it on guitar. They decided on the song, “Whiskey Lullaby,” on March 1.

“It’s a really cool song like two people playing two different parts. Our voices sound really good and they match [well],” Frick said.


Like many songs, there are chords they need to learn, as well as the melody of the song itself, according to Frick.

What brought Molen to participate was her love for music.  

“I was in choir and I like music a lot,” Molen said. Students in the Guitar 101 class learn the chords and where to put their fingers.


“Learning guitar is a new instrument I could sing along with,” Molen said. Frick also took this class to improve his skills on guitar.


“I always had a fascination with guitar, and I thought this would be a good place to start,” Frick said. The class is designed for a student’s peers and a teacher to help them understand how to play a musical instrument.


“It’s nice being around a teacher and other kids that can help you. Learning something on your own [is a] pretty big undertaking,” Frick said.