A female offers perspective on a field meant for guys

Allison Hanson and Hayley Woodard, Staff Writers

Being in a woods class was intimidating for sophomore Bella Flosi at first.

Imagine being the only girl in an all-boys woodshop class. Flosi had another girl classmate with her last year, but during the summer, that girl moved, which caused Flosi to be the only girl in the class now.

“[It’s] a little intimidating but fun,” she said. Flosi explained that in woods students don’t just sit and listen to a teacher all day.

“It’s interesting. I work a little faster than most of the guys,” she said. Flosi insisted that more girls should take a woodshop class.

“Go for it. It`s a really fun class, good opportunity,” she said.

Flosi expressed that this was her second year in woodshop. The class has given her the opportunity to meet different people that she doesn’t normally see on a daily basis. The class just finished a birdhouse project. The best part of class, according to Flosi, is when students get to construct certain things.

“It’s nice to be able to build stuff,” Flosi said.  The woodshop plans to build several more projects, including bookshelves, deck chairs and lawn furniture.