The secret life of the CMR senior

For senior Zach Nicholson, woodshop isn’t just a class.

“I do woodshop with [my] grandpa every once in a while,” he said.

Nicholson began working with his grandpa when he was 10, and he has been in woodshop since middle school.

“I made a bedframe, a deck chair and shelves,” Nicholson said.

The projects both Nicholson and his grandfather work on happen in his grandpa’s woodshop.

According to him, his grandpa used his woodshop skills to create things charities needed.

“I’ve assisted him with one or two [projects] that he’s donated,” Nicholson said. “[I donated] tables to the soccer field.”

Along with woodshop, when he isn’t doing homework or hanging with friends, Nicholson retreats to the online world of gaming.

“[I] play computer games,” Nicholson said. “War strategy mostly.”